facing the grim

by overhead

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released April 23, 2012

written, arranged, produced & performed by Nicolas Leroux
at Mulholland Drive Studio between 2010 & 2011
mastering by Chab
photos & artwork by Yann Orhan



all rights reserved


overhead Paris, France

Music born from the need of painting, to experiment the sense of freedom from the white canvas to the final frame

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Track Name: other dissidents
other dissidents


making the sound of war
other dissidents, actually
are watching the sky, wondering how
the day after will be
breeding the seeds of change
other dissidents, hopefully
are bulding a tone for life, another flag
or whatever may be

because if i watch the face of earth
i'll make a rule saying
if i walk throught the dead
i will make a change

where's my tainted love

turning the streets to riot
other dissidents, hunting thee
humming in the air, isn't it fair ? the end of your story
breathing the wind of change
other dissidents, surely
are singing a tune for love, for other faces
for whatever may be
Track Name: the destroyer
the destroyer


i'm the maker of your fears, of your own downfall
it feels like playing at god
i'm still pounding on your heart
& therefore your mind today
yet a billion innocent on my mark

it's the story of a few
who pretty much deprive all
such a different point of view
as cruel as the world can bow
but i have enough to live
i feel so inflamed for misery
you're mine, bones & tears

yes, i lean on my time
well, i'm gone too far
intimidate the stars on my side
& i'm so far to be a better man
i've been searching another flaw for your mind

it's the story of a crew
who pretty much deprave all
such a different sight for you
as cruel as the mind can be
even if i have enough to live forever
i feel so intense for slavery
you're mine, heart & fears
Track Name: facing the grim
facing the grim


what will you say when, probably
the world will lean off of thee
instead of your plan for deviation
your heart won't stand peacefully
your fears will drive free
i bet your eyes won't stand carefully

& on the edge of things
the life & death of your nation
a solstice to your tears
to face the Grim is our mission

what will you do when, surely
your world will fall onto thee
despite of your plan for salvation
your fears will drive free
i bet your eyes won't stair carefully

& on the edge of things
tendency for introspection
but down, deep in yourself
to face the Grim is our mission
Track Name: the wonderer
the wonderer


piss away, our love will follow
it's just a long wait for the most

stir it up, face the hollow
it's just a fake talk for the most

stress the day, the best will follow
it's not outstanding for the most

such a way to keep your sorrows
you made me so angry for the most

off my way until tomorrow
i'm just a fool if i hesitate

strip your way, i won't follow
you make me so angry for the most

put yourself into the sound of war
at the end at most
i keep telling you for hundred times
near the end almost

waste my day, my heart will follow
don't be so sure i reconnect

skip away the bleeding arrow
it's such a theme i won't reject

put yourself into the sound of war
for the end at most

i can read you from a hundred stars
i know you almost
Track Name: wainting for the flood
waiting for the flood


i live in a state of resign

waiting for the flood

day after day

hour after hour

waiting for the flood

nothing to fear

but a new beginning

nothing to lose

but the old face of the world


( sooner or later )

( no god, no power )

( no human lead )

( but the new face of the world )