other dissidents

by overhead


From the EP "Facing The Grim"


other dissidents


making the sound of war
other dissidents, actually
are watching the sky, wondering how
the day after will be
breeding the seeds of change
other dissidents, hopefully
are bulding a tone for life, another flag
or whatever may be

because if i watch the face of earth
i'll make a rule saying
if i walk throught the dead
i will make a change

where's my tainted love

turning the streets to riot
other dissidents, hunting thee
humming in the air, isn't it fair ? the end of your story
breathing the wind of change
other dissidents, surely
are singing a tune for love, for other faces
for whatever may be


written, arranged, produced & performed by Nicolas Leroux
at Mulholland Drive Studio between 2010 & 2011
mastering by Chab
photos & artwork by Yann Orhan



all rights reserved


overhead Paris, France

Music born from the need of painting, to experiment the sense of freedom from the white canvas to the final frame

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